what is oracle database???


It is a very common question. Before starting Oracle Database architecture, you should know what exactly the database server is.
I have came across a lot of answers, and examples. Combining everything I am sharing this. Hope u will find it useful…

let’s imagine a scenario first. Consider YOURSELF as a person who has some special capability.
You can listen very fast, you can see anything very easily, you can interact with others very quickly.
Of course as a human being you have couple of hands, eyes , ears , legs and so on. And also you have got certain amount of MEMORY inside your BRAIN.
But also you have got a big PROBLEM. You CAN NOT remember those things for a long time. (Like : Ghajini movie :P)
So one of your well wishers give you some NOTE BOOKS to write whatever you listen or see.

NOW, if you relate above mentioned things with ORACLE. Then YOU are basically an Oracle INSTANCE, consists of some MEMORY (RAM) which is like your brain. and some BACKGROUND PROCESSES like your eyes, hands, ears etc, using which YOU can do something..
And those NOTE BOOKS in which you write everything.. basically those are DATAFILES.

So all together this Oracle Instance and Data files are known as ORACLE DATABASE SERVER.


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