using SED command to truncate large trace/log files

In production environment we have to maintain trace files of past 15/30/45 days

depending on the retention period, so if we see a log/trace file consuming more space

then instead of deleting that file you might wanna truncate the file and retain only latest ‘N’ number of lines. one good way to do this is by using ‘SED’ utility.

for example:

oracle@accord:/n01/oraflash1> ls
oracle@accord:/n01/oraflash1> du -sh *
445M logsweep_ora_201603.log
oracle@accord:/n01/oraflash1> sed -i -e :a -e ‘$q;N;8000,$D;ba’ logsweep_ora_201603.log
oracle@accord:/n01/oraflash1> du -sh logsweep_ora_201603.log
804K logsweep_ora_201603.log



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