RMAN 11g new feature: Backup FRA on disk

In Oracle 11gR2, there is a good new feature whereby we can backup the fast or flash recovery area to a disk location which could be a remote destination via a NFS attached file system.

In earlier releases, we could only backup the Flash Recovery Area to tape and not disk via RMAN.

Recovery from disk in most cases is significantly faster than recovery from a tape device especially when we have a very large tape library and the right tape needs to be located or maybe we have a case where all tape drives are already in use and we have to perform a critical database recovery at the same time.

The OSS or Oracle Suggested Strategy for backups involves a disk based backup method and level 0 datafile copies and subsequent leevl 1 incremental backupsets are all stored on local disk.

So what happens if we lose the local server and with it all our disk based backups? – we have to do a full database restore from tape which can be very time consuming.

The 11g RMAN command BACKUP RECOVERY AREA TO DESTINATION lets us specify a secondary backup location for all our backups which are stored in the Fast Recovery Area.

In this example we are backing up the FRA on a daily basis after the OSS backup to disk completes via the command:

backup recovery area to destination ‘/mnt/remote/backups/orasql/FRA_BACKUP/’

If we run a LIST BACKUP OF DATABASE we can see that there are two copies of the backupset #479. One stored in the FRA on the local server /u01 file system and one in the remote location which is a file server attached via NFS to the local server.

List of Backup Pieces for backup set 479 Copy #1
BP Key Pc# Status Piece Name
——- — ———– ———-
565 1 AVAILABLE /u01/app/oracle/flash_recovery_area/SQLFUN/backupset/o1_mf_nnnd1_ORA_OEM_LEVEL_0_81jgs7qf_.bkp

Backup Set Copy #2 of backup set 479
Device Type Elapsed Time Completion Time Compressed Tag
———– ———— ————— ———- —
DISK 00:00:18 01-AUG-14 NO ORA_OEM_LEVEL_0

List of Backup Pieces for backup set 479 Copy #2
BP Key Pc# Status Piece Name
——- — ———– ———-
571 1 AVAILABLE /mnt/remote/backups/orasql/FRA_BACKUP/SQLFUN/backupset/o1_mf_nnnd1_ORA_OEM

Reference: http://gavinsoorma.com/


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