How to clean up after a failed 11g CRS install

In Oracle 11g R1 if the Oracle Clusterware installation failed a manual cleanup was required. Steps to re-install Oracle clusterware was:

  1. Manually cleanup after the failed Oracle Clusterware install
  2. Fix the problem
  3. Restart the Oracle Clusterware installation.

if fails while we install Oracle Grid infrastructure we can gather error messages from the logs, de-configure Oracle clusterware and troubleshoot the reason for the failure. After Oracle Clusterware de-configuration and successful troubleshooting we can proceed further with the configuration re-running if the problem can be fixed. Thus, in case of errors such as permissions we can save time re-installing Oracle Clusterware binaries. If necessary, we still have an option to completely remove the Oracle Clusterware binaries using the deinstall utility. Prior to running deinstall Oracle Clusterware must be de-configured using tool. Successful deinstall preceded by successful de-configure gives a pristine environment to re-start Oracle Grid installation after the failed install is troubleshot based on information gathered examining the logs.

Deconfigure Oracle Clusterware without removing the binaries:

  • Log in as the root user on a node where you encountered an error. Change directory to $GRID_HOME/crs/install. For example:

    # cd $GRID_HOME/crs/install

  • Run with the -deconfig -force flags on all but the last node.

    # perl -deconfig -force

  • If you are deconfiguring Oracle Clusterware on all nodes in the cluster, then on the last node add the –lastnode flag that completes deconfiguration on the cluster including the OCR and the voting disks.

    # perl -deconfig -force -lastnode


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